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Now all small to medium sized boy dogs get a little tie of your choice with a full groom! Hurry while they last!
Bring your furry friend in for a nice groom/bath . Comes with cute Japanese bows or bandana!
Don't miss out!

🐩 Pricing 🐩

Pricing will vary depending on your dog‘s size,weight, coat length, coat condition, and
types of service required.
Your  groomer can discuss the services and options available during your initial visit.

🐩  Bathing only

Prices start from $45 depending on the weight, size, coat length, and

condition of your dog.

【Includes shampoo bathing, brushing, nail trim, ear cleaning, sanitary trim, pad shaving,

and anal gland expression.】

🐩 Full Grooming 

Prices start from $60 and higher depending on the weight, size,
length of coat, and condition of your dog.

【Includes full bathing, plus cutting and styling.】

🐩  Pricing Guideline Chart: (Updated  Jan 2019) 

(Conditions apply)

   Size                        Weight                            Bathing Only                Full Grooming              

  Small              Up to 15 Pounds                         $50~                       $65~     (depending on coat,condition&haircut)

 Medium     Between 15 and 25 Pounds         $55~                       $70~     (depending on coat,condition&haircut)

  Large               Over 25 Pounds            Starting at $60 and up     Starting at $75 and up


🐩  Creative Styling & Japanese Style Grooming
We can create a unique look for your dog using creative cutting techniques and

dog safe hair dyes.

Great for special events or occasions!

🐩 Late &After hours fee

Sugar Plum takes appointments throughout the day to minimize the time your  dog has to spend waiting, and so we can start on them straight away. If you may be late for an appointment, an additional fee may apply after 15min or on some occasions you may have to re-book your appointment for another day. A courtesy call ahead of time would be greatly appreciated and will be much easier to sort out any time changes etc.

We at Sugar plum would appreciate your cooperation in collecting your dog before our closing time. If you are running late please phone with a courtesy call to let us know. If you need to arrange an out of hours appointment please let us know when arranging the appointment an extra surcharge may apply.

During the Christmas period if you are 15min late and you have not notified us we will give your appointment to someone else on a waiting list, and you will be charged a no show fee on your next visit.

🐩 Missed  Appointments       

If you miss an appointment without an earlier courtesy phone call to Sugar Plum an additional fee may apply on your next visit.

Reminder phone calls can be arranged and can provide you with an opportunity to reschedule if you know you will be  unable to make your appointment.

🐩  Groom-Out Fees                   

Due to the extra time required to brush out a knotted or matted coat an additional fee will apply, the cost of this fee will be at the groomers discretion and will be based on the amount of time it has taken, and on your pets behavior ie: if he required a 2nd person to assist. We will advise you of a groom out fee during our consultation prior to any grooming or with a follow up phone call before we continue with their grooming.

The condition of some dogs may prevent us from being able to groom/brush out their coat. This may be because it will be inhumane, dangerous or impossible, some cases are too severe, and any sign of aggression will also prevent us from grooming out your dog.

🐩 Fleas         

If while we are grooming we discover that your dog has fleas we will have to immediately de-flea them.

An additional charge will apply as it is necessary for us to treat your dog immediately with a flea product as well as the surrounding environment. The charge will be $6.00 - $12.00 depending on the size of your dog, and also the severity of the fleas.


  Please  schedule an appointment.


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